Ready To Step Into The New You?

I’m here help you get un-stuck and achieve a life-changing transformation

If You Are Ready To Transform Your Body And Lifestyle, I’m Here to Help!

Most people struggle to achieve true long term results due falling for fads and unsustainable exercise programs AREN’T designed for real life

If you want to feel good and actually enjoy your journey, you’ll need to learn how to build realistic and sustainable habits that become a part of your everyday lifestyle.

That’s where I come in. Everything I do here is designed with YOU in mind. If you want a complete body transformation, my 121 coaching could be the answer. Want to self serve? Check out my body transformation planner!

It’s time to…

  • Remove the guesswork and confusion around what is and isn’t healthy.
  • Finally feel good in your skin.
  • Feel empowered to lift weights and get strong.
  • Repair your relationship with food and exercise.
  • Remove negative self-talk, stop procrastinating and generate self-discipline.
  • Become your most confident, happiest self.
  • Get in insane shape and have fun.

Want a complete body transformation?

My 121 Online Coaching Transformation Package is FOR YOU!

My fully customised high-touch point coaching service is designed to meet you where you’re at. Together, we’ll discuss in detail what’s stopping you getting results and create a customised roadmap to success that fits perfectly with your lifestyle and factors in your needs and wants.

This high accountability, high support service is designed to get you the results you always struggle to get alone. I’m here as your educator, your  biggest cheerleader and your accountability partner and I am always just a message away.

What you get:

  • An initial transformation phone call to set your goals, understand why you haven’t been seeing results and create a program blueprint.
  • After the first 7-days , we will go through you’re entire lifestyle and make tweaks to ensure you’re primed for success moving forwards.
  • You’ll receive a completely customised fitness and nutrition plan that takes into account your goals and be held accountable throughout the week with my regular touch-points.
  • Every week, you’ll check in and receive expert coaching to overcome any issues, recieve positive feedback and fresh motivation to stay on track. We’ll also review progress and make changes as-needed to ENSURE results on the programme.
  • You’ll get unlimited messaging and access to me for accountability and questions AND unlimited form and technique reviews of your exercises to make sure you’re also progressing in this area.
  • Access to my You Made New Coaching App meant you can track your progress, view personalised daily action items and be a part of the community of like-minded women.
  • But most importantly, you’ll achieve insane results you can’t wait to show off, a healthy relationship with food and exercise and a new mindset that will stay with you for life.

12 Month Health & Wellness Planner

Health & Wellness Planner to guide you on your health & fitness journey

This stunning planner has been designed to help you on your health & fitness journey by guiding you through goal setting, designing your dream life and making it a reality!

This planner will keep you on track towards your goals, increase productivity, improve nutrition and empower you to feel good about yourself and your health and fitness journey. Its beautiful design means you can keep your diary forever as a treasured keepsake of your transformation journey.

What it includes:

  • Short and long-term goal setting and visualisations to make them happen
  • Commitment contract
  • Vision board (coming soon – vision board party)
  • Identify limiting beliefs and obstacles
  • Habit-based action plan, routine builder and blueprint
  • Non-scale victories
  • Fun & Free lifestyle ideas
  • Wellness tips
  • Nutrition cheat sheets and grocery planners
  • 12-month boundless calendar 
  • Fun games and interactive activities to make staying on track fun
  • Monthly and daily check-ins and reflections
  • 10 *bonus* food diary review pages

Frequently Asked Questions

I know what to do, but my business/career keeps me too busy.

You are SO not alone. For many busy professionals, living a healthy lifestyle often comes secondary to work and family commitments. I understand how overwhelming and confusing it can be to get the body transformation and results you want. My online fitness coaching programs are all customised to the individual, meaning you get a bespoke program that works around your life and not the other way around. You’ll also have my support and accountability the entire way and I’ll be there cheering you on after a hard day.

What makes your coaching different from other trainers?

Unlike other online fitness coaches, I have been exactly where you are. In 2015 I was a UK size 18. I felt isolated and alone and lacked self-confidence. I made a vow to myself that I would get fit and healthy and did so without following an unrealistic set diet or exercise program. I found ways to fall in love with eating for my body and exercising and have developed my signature habit-based online fitness coaching framework based on what worked for me as well as 100+ women like you.

What level of access do I get to you?

When you sign up for my 121 online fitness coaching program you have unlimited access to me. There is a formal weekly check-in with a personalised coaching session. Throughout the week and between sessions, you have the opportunity to message me with questions about your program, food or exercise, or if you just need some extra love and support.

How is the program delivered?

You get access to my health and fitness app that you can access at any time. The app will be the hub of your program. Inside you’ll find your daily action items, personalised goals, optimised nutrition and training plan and access to the messenger function to message me directly for motivation or advice.

I’m not ready for 121 coaching yet, are there any steps I can take with you first?

Absolutely! I know not everyone is ready or able to commit to 121 online fitness coaching which is why I developed The Body Transformation Planner, a health and wellness planner designed to help you set, track and achieve your goals in an interactive and fun way.

How It Works

01. Book A Call/Shop Planners

Choose between 121 online fitness coaching and health and wellness journals to kickstart your health journey. Developed specifically with the busy professional or busy woman in mind.

02. Take Back Control

Start being accountable and motivated to change your daily routines and habits. What you do with your time matters. What you put in your body matters.

03. Level Up Your Life

Level up your body and mind for a life of freedom and fulfilment. Fall in love with becoming the healthiest, fittest and most confident version of YOU. Achieve more than just your initial goal.

Nicki has made me feel confident again

“Nicki has made me feel confident again… and has helped me get my workout motivation back. She has been really flexible with my crazy work schedule which was amazing. ”

– Taylor

Her knowledge helped me achieve [results] without having to eat salad everyday

“I love working with Nicki. I needed someone to kick my backside…She understood I wasn’t in it for “weight loss” I was in it for “fat loss” and strength. And her knowledge helped me achieve that without having to eat salad everyday.” 

– Shawny

You’ve Got the Right Support in Your Corner