I lost over 100lbs and have since helped 100s of struggling women achieve their dream body with transformation coaching

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

I am a coach with a difference – I actually know how it feels to be obese, and what it does to you physically and emotionally

Most coaches don’t understand the reality – despite your deepest desires, you can’t seem to stop overeating.

You blame yourself for your inability to be consistent and lack the guidance, structure and support you need to be successful

You use food to soothe you, comfort you and you can quickly start to feel out of control around food

You try surviving on too little food, only to relapse and feel guilty. The cycle continues and you don’t know how to get out of it

Girl, that was me once! and I’m here to tell you that there is a better way.

My Vision

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients both in person and online. Through this, I realised that it’s necessary to provide an extremely detailed approach to transformations to get clients the best possible result. That’s why I created a service that delves into the key variables affecting your health and body that is often overlooked by personal trainer’s or bog standard coaches.

It’s my mission to help those who have struggled with body image and overeating their entire life, finally end the stop-start cycle, build a healthy relationship with food and exercise and create the mindset to achieve incredible results that last a lifetime.

I’ve put all my experience (both with my own transformation, my years of experience in the fitness industry and working with hundreds of clients) to bring the exact blueprint you need to achieve insane results and have fun whilst doing it.

You’ll learn how to make sustainable, life changing choices to achieve the body you’ve always wanted, but never truly had the motivation or support to achieve for yourself.

This isn’t a quick fix, a fad diet or a slimming tea. This is the key to sustained fat loss that will transform your life and put you back in the driver’s seat of your own future.

Are you ready?

Bea has lost a total of 27kg (60lbs). She has developed a healthy balanced diet & a love of lifting weights!

“Nicki has transformed my body and life and I couldn’t be happier!”


Summer has lost a total of 10kg (20lbs) and 23cm round her waist. She has stopped overeating & found balance on her journey

“I am so glad I did this, I’ve become happy in myself again”


Shawny dropped 5kg of unwanted body fat & has since maintained a healthy gym regime that enables her to build strength!

“Nicki makes me feel so at ease and brought back all my confidence”


How it works

In order to achieve a lifelong transformation, you’ll need to harness the POWER OF HABITS.

But not just any habits; proven habits, that are specific to you and your situation. Habits that YOU can stick to because you’ve got the right support in your corner because once you can harness the power of habits, with a 121 coach working with you for your results, then you really can achieve almost any goal you put your mind to.

It’s my unique approach to habits that have helped 200+ women to get jaw-dropping results and it’s this approach to habits that could do the same for you. By using my habit-based coaching methods you can finally look in the mirror and feel PROUD at what you see staring back at you.

With a body that puts a smile to your face every time you put a new top or outfit on…

Wearing clothes that cling to your body in the RIGHT way…

Living life with deep, unwavering confidence…

Side effects of coaching may include:

Reaching your personal, physical & mental goals as you build a growth mindset
Stunning your partner, friends and family as you transform your body & gain absolute QUEEN energy
Falling in LOVE with your training, and feeling in control & balanced around food
Unlocking your full potential, so you have the confidence to go for that job, travel more or feel sexy in a dress!
Finally holding your head high and feeling flipping PROUD of all that you have achieved
Being confident in yourself, both inside and outside the gym

First hand experience of transforming own body and life

Fully committed to helping fix your emotional eating habits and feel at peace

Certified coach with expert advice focusing on female transformations

Advocate of body positivity, self love and self preservation

What is coaching?

When you’re fed up of going around in circles and not achieving your goal, or you simply want to level up your training, nutrition and mindset in order to achieve a next level transformation, then coaching is for you!

 Investing in yourself can be a tough decision to go through along with knowing who to trust, making sure it’s the right programme for you and even having the confidence to open up and accept the areas you need to improve upon.

Trust me, I have been there. One thing I know, is that trying to do it alone can result in you going around and around in circles for years (and sometimes even decades). Instead of going for another fad diet or cheap fix – do it right, do it once.

Put in the Reps Today, So the You of Tomorrow Will Thank You for It

What you get:

1:1 personalised training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching (together we will overcome any barrier to your success)

Weekly coaching, multiple check-ins from your coach throughout the week & unlimited private and group support 

Access to my community of hype women (your personal group of cheerleaders to keep you on track!)

Lifetime access to all pre-recorded masterclasses and access to join each live masterclass (so you can up-skill your mind & body!)

Access to the You Made New Coaching App – a centralised dashboard for your training, nutrition, progress & coaching



Safe, supported, purposeful and individualised nutrition implementation that best balances health and performance.



Harness the tactics highly successful people use to practically guarantee you get a physique you can be proud of.



Using our ground breaking habit-based coaching methods, we will show you a unique approach to habits that will set you up for long term success and results.

Online Fitness Coaching App

Are you someone who wants to:


Improve your health and build a healthier body and mindset?


Become full of energy, more productive and more successful as a result?


Enjoy working out again with fun and challenging workouts?


Level up your confidence?


Improve your relationship with food and exercise?


Ultimately transform your health and fitness journey without restriction?

Your moments away from creating a body and life that you love…

Picture a future where you’re unapologetically you, happy and more driven and determined than ever before.

Once you experience the mental strength, courage and confidence you get from working with me as your 121 coach, you’ll finally feel comfortable, not only with yourself…

But feel confident in relationships…

Or to ask for that raise at work…

Or simply just wake up feeling like every day is going to be the day where you dominate life.

So I guess you’ve gotta ask yourself…

How much is it worth to me to finally get in the physical and mental shape of my life?

Because if you’re ok with being stuck, never really having the body and mindset you’ve previously tried hard to get and feeling frustrated about the way you look and feel, then it’s probably time for us to part ways.

But if you’re up for taking serious action and levelling up with the full support of your coach. If you’re ready to erase all self-doubt, shame, guilt and feelings of not living your fullest life…

Then click the button below right now to get started and tell me about your goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your online coaching include?

Working with an online coach provides a bespoke service whereby you receive the support and accountability you need to get the results you’ve struggled to achieve alone. Included is a workout program designed around your needs and goals, a nutrition strategy and nutrition coaching so you can understand how to eat to maximise your result without sacrificing your favourite foods. My unique approach to habit based coaching (with the added accountability) will help you build sustainable, lifelong healthier habits that will enable you to not just lose weight but keep it off for good. You’ll also get private access to me, your coach and access to your progress via an app. Full app access keeps everything in one place and make things simple for you. When you first join my team, you’ll receive an onboarding video package with everything you need to get started.


What does the consultation consist of?

Following on from your application form, I’ll book in a call with you conducted virtually. We’ll deeply assess your current situation and what’s stopping you from achieving your goals. I’ll also provide an overview of the strategies we’ll be looking to implement over the coming weeks. It’s a great opportunity for you to ask any questions or raise any concerns. I encourage you to take notes during the call, as we’ll also discuss your main objective from working with me and the next steps.

What are your qualifications?

I am fully qualified in both personal training, exercise prescription and providing nutrition advice, to the highest of standards recognised internationally. I am also qualified to work with people with certain medical conditions including diabetes type 1 and 2, obesity, COPD, asthma and muscular-skeletal diseases. Anyone outside of my scope of practice will be referred appropriately.


  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Doctors Referral for Health Management
  • Level 3 Nutrition and Weight Management Adviser
  • Level 3 Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Adviser
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • Circuits Instructor

Am I in safe hands?

Absolutely! If you have any pre-existing medical condition or injury, you’ll need to be cleared by your GP before you can train with me. As an exercise professional, I’ll only prescribe exercises that cater to your needs and abilities and are suitable based on your current fitness levels. I am fully insured for public liability so this leaves you to enjoy your workouts with me, worry free.

What is the primary form of communication?

There is a messenger function on the app that will be used for ad-hoc communication. But for more detailed information from me, your coach, you’ll receive weekly feedback based on your formal check in, either via the app or via a coaching call (which you can book in up to 4 times per month)!

Any additional forms of communication is also welcomed. For example, if you’d prefer a phone call or a video to help you with something (for example an exercise or something else you’re struggling with) just ask, I’m very flexible 🙂

What do the training programs look like?

You’ll receive strategic and periodised training programs which flow together to help you achieve your goal. Each phase lasts 4 weeks but progressions will be dropped in as often as weekly based on your feedback. No longer will you complete random exercises thrown together from Instagram or Youtube. You’ll be provided with structured, proven programming so that you get the maximum benefit and apply the three core principles of specificity, simplicity and progressive overload.

Alongside your training, you’ll be provided with lifestyle advice, habit goals and step goals to achieve to ensure your health is optimised and results are inevitable whilst you work with me.

What's the nutrition approach like?

My main aim is to empower you to make the right choice for you when it comes to your nutrition. The easiest and simplest way for me to fully understand what could be stopping you from achieving your goals is by keeping a food diary. The foundation of this strategy focuses on manipulating your energy intake using nutritional targets (such as calories and protein). This is a highly fluid process which requires changes based off your progress and your feedback.

The main aim with calorie counting or keeping any food diary is to educate you, with the ultimate goal being to not need to track your food anymore, and be able to eat intuitively, without guilt and with a thorough understanding of portion size and the energy density of foods. Don’t worry though, I don’t enforce tracking, although it is the simplest option for me as your coach to understand your nutrition habits, there are other ways. For example, if you’re not sure tracking is for you, we can take pictures of food and input them via the app, or go for a more intuitive/ flexible approach.

Whatever we agree on, we will use a combination of food tracking systems and habit based coaching so that you begin to understand the fundamentals of nutrition.

You’ll be up-skilled in the art of eating for your goal and you’re able to take all the learning and information I give you and use it for the rest of your life. This will help ensure that the results you get with me are maintained into the long term. We will take it slow, so you aren’t overwhelmed.

Do you do meal plans?

No, I don’t provide rigid meal plans as I don’t believe this creates the right foundations for success. What happens when you stop being told exactly what to eat and when? By doing this, you don’t learn anything and there’s no margin for the things that make life fun! (such as eating out or birthday cake!) Instead, I provide guidance and recommendations on what you should eat and how much of it. However, food inspo is never far from reach as when you enrol you’ll be provided instant lifetime access to hundreds of healthy recipes to choose from to help you ge to your goal.

What will I need?

In order to work with me you will need access to a smartphone, a bodyweight scale, a timer or timer app, An activity tracker (either a smart watch or smart phone), A space to do workouts (whether this is at home or at the gym as your workouts will be tailored to you). You will ideally have access to at least a set of dumbbells, but I can guide you on what kit is best to invest in (if any).

How long should I be coached for?

That’s really down to you! There is a 12-week minimum commitment with coaching so we can get you the best results. Following this, you can enrol for as long as you feel that coaching is an asset to your daily life and ongoing health. Some clients gain all the knowledge and tools they need to go it alone after a few short months, whereas others stay long term as they simply love having a coach for the continued support, accountability and structure it provides and to help ensure they stay on track with their health and fitness regime.

How much is coaching?

I suppose the question you should really ask is what value do you place on your health & wellbeing?

When you add together what you might spend on alcohol, take away foods etc, having a coach can be affordable to anyone who is serious about getting into shape and getting healthy.

Coaching is a truly personalised and life-changing experience and you’ll be guided through the whole process, have my full support and be held accountable for that extra motivation you just don’t get on your own.

As it’s a completely 121, personalised and supported experience, you need to be ready to invest £5-7 per day into your transformation. 121 Coaching tends to be a more affordable option than investing in a Personal Trainer 3-4 x per week, but instead of being supported for just that hour in the gym, you’ll be supported for the whole week, and your whole lifestyle will change. This investment also makes you financially invested into your transformation.

Why is online more effective than in person personal training?

From my experience doing both in person and coaching online, PT is great if you want a good sweat during your workouts, but for the type of women I work with, your issues stem WAY beyond that one hour in the gym.

Online is the way forwards for you if you want world class results- that last. So many women who have come to me have already worked with a trainer and have been disapointed with their lack of results. PT is too session focussed and they do not have the time to properly support you with your nutrition or lifestyle. Some clients even still work with their trainer (because they enjoy seeing them once a week) but choose to work with me as they need everything that coaching has to offer! With coaching, we delve into the WHY you are not getting results, we look deeper than your gym form and THAT is how we achieve your life-changing transformation.