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The Body Transformation Planner will help you implement the balanced healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted, but never had the motivation or the knowledge to achieve for yourself.


-Go to the beach and actually just have fun rather than constantly pulling on your top to cover your tummy or feel self conscious about your thighs.

-Go to a work event and not constantly worry about what others think of you, or constantly adjust the way you sit, the way you stand so you don’t have parts of you on show that you dislike.

-Go to the gym and not feel self conscious or like you can’t wear certain clothes or do certain exercises.


There is work that can be done to stop you feeling this way.

Change is so possible for you, you just have to be brave enough to let it happen. You have to be ready and willing to change.

This 12 month (1 year) un-dated planner will help you to lose fat & get healthy by:

-Understanding what calories and protein you need for your goal (and why!)
-What foods are best for fat loss & how to implement them into your regime
-How mindset & visualisations are EVERYTHING when it comes to achieving your goals
-How to break down your big scary goals into tiny bitesize manageable chunks
-How to maximise your habits, morning & evening routine for success


-You can use the 365 daily reflections to track calories, protein, caffeine, water, steps, fruit/ veg and activity
-Reflect on each week and celebrate each win on your journey
-Use the calendar to plan out your workouts and stay on track
-Use the monthly design to set fresh goals each month and track your habits

This beautiful planner is the perfect keepsake for your transformation

-colour in the pages and create your own vision board
-add in some of the 264 stickers included
-make your planner a reflection of your personality

Coaches, Personal Trainers, Supplements & Fad diets cost hundreds of £’s, but this planner could be yours for so much less and give you everything you need to get results. Limited stock available, act now and make 2023 your best year YET!

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12-month un-dated health wellness planner - everything you need to transform your body this year - START ANY TIME!


Tips for success
Goal setting & Visualisations
Commit to yourself (contract)
Build your vision board & Create your clear action plan
Identify barriers to success & Build Habits
Fun & Free lifestyle ideas & Wellness tips
Create your morning & evening routines
Nutrition education & weekly shopping list
Productivity review
Overcome limiting beliefs
Try new things & network of support bingo
Progress tracker & food/ activity tracker
Knowledge scavenger hunt
Colour me in (as I progress)
Non-Scale Victories visual page
Monthly reflection & design (12 monthly pages)
Monthly calendar (12 double spread monthly pages)
Daily & Weekly Reflection (52 weekly pages)
Note/ Create pages

10 *bonus* food diary review page


- Compact size
- Beautiful ‘keepsake’ design
- 1 year un-dated planner
- Habit, water, caffeine and calorie/macro totals tracker for each day
- Can be used whether you are tracking calories via an app or not (just leave blank the bits you don’t need).
- Room for notes
- Makes the perfect gift

Or start any time, as the 12-month planner is completely un-dated!

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Image #1 from Mya M.
Image #2 from Mya M.
Image #3 from Mya M.
Image #1 from Mya M.

Mya M.

Such an amazing planner for an amazing price! The detail is incredible & the stickers are such a nice touch! Can’t wait to use it

Image #2 from Mya M.

Mya M.

Such an amazing planner for an amazing price! The detail is incredible & the stickers are such a nice touch! Can’t wait to use it

Image #3 from Mya M.

Mya M.

Such an amazing planner for an amazing price! The detail is incredible & the stickers are such a nice touch! Can’t wait to use it

Image #1 from Mya M.
Image #2 from Mya M.
Image #3 from Mya M.
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  1. Nicki has put so much thought into this planner! It has everything you need in it to track and reflect on your progress. Can’t wait to see where this takes me!

  2. I absolutely adore my new planner! The aesthetic is GORGEOUS and I love how practical it is and how accountable it keeps me! I’m finding it really useful as a trigger for forming some good habits too! It’s so bright and sits on my bedside table reminding me to log my journey so I can better reflect on my progress. Couldn’t recommend it enough! 😍😍

  3. A very nice planner, some great tools and fitness tips. It’s going to help me on stay on track and work through some areas that have been hindering my weight loss success. Thank you for all your hard work Nicki and providing something so useful, thought provoking and inspiring that will help me or anyone else improve their body and mind.

  4. The best purchase I have made so far this year. Such a lovely and amazing planner and has already helped me with my motivation!! Absolutely love it!! ❤️

  5. Best planner around, none like this out there! I love it

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