How to lose over 100lbs and how I went from obese office worker to badass business owner

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How to lose over 100lbs and actually keep it off? In order to tell you that, I’ll need to tell you about my 100lbs weight loss journey, as it is such a big part of why I became a Coach. It’s what drives me and it’s what brings out my passion for wanting to help others achieve what so little can, effective, sustainable and life changing weight loss.

If you were to read my bio, it wouldn’t say how I’ve been into sports my entire life or I used to compete as a professional bodybuilder. But if there’s one thing I do have that makes me different, it’s that through my own weight loss journey, I truly understand the ‘struggle’. The constant battle between wanting to have a fitter and healthier body versus our own will-power against unhealthy food and the relationship we have with it. Your entire mind-set has to shift, and there are so many factors to consider in order to achieve this.

This was my reality

I was quite sporty at school, but when I left for college, I began drinking more, eating more, exercising less and generally not caring about my health. This got worse when I got into my first serious relationship at aged eighteen. My previously active self-had become even more sedentary, whilst consuming more and more food at the same time! The combination of the two resulted in steady but consistent weight gain.

The worst thing was, I didn’t even realise what I was doing to myself. I remember not fitting into clothes, and just buying more at a bigger size. I remember the first stretch marks that appeared on my hips, bright purple and obvious! And I just laughed it off. Looking back now, I’m like ‘Wake up Nicki! Look at what you’re doing to yourself!’ but unfortunately, we can’t change the past, we can only learn from it.

By aged 20 I was severely overweight, this only got worse up to the age of 22. I had gone up 4 dress sizes, weighed in over 250lbs and got out of breath when walking up stairs.

My weight was starting to bother me, I was noticing it more, catching myself in the mirror, realising how out of breath I was all of the time. Alongside this, my relationship had gone downhill. I was feeling miserable, had low self-esteem, low confidence and I didn’t want to go out, as I didn’t like the way I looked in a dress. Life was pretty crap.

The light bulb moment

Then a switch went off in my head. I looked in the mirror and finally realised what I had done to my body. ‘Enough is enough’ I thought. And I started to turn my life around.

I joined a gym, and started using the cross trainer (the only thing I felt confident enough on at the time). Eventually, I braved it and started using the resistance machines (I had no clue what I was doing!) I separated myself from my previous eating habits, and started to meal prep healthy and portion controlled meals to help me stay on track. The weight started to fall off.

It was easy at the start, losing 2 to 5lbs a week sometimes (when you have a lot to lose, it comes off quickly at the start). Slowly, the weight loss settled down and I was losing a healthy average of 1lb per week. I was getting more and more confident doing resistance training, trying new exercises and mixing things up to keep things interesting.

Being open to learning is key

I learnt as much as I could about health and fitness. I loved to read about workouts and recipes and health. It really helped me on my journey and meant that the hours I invested into learning about my body, I could then replicate in my own life. I continued to lose weight, throughout 2015 and 2016, up to 105lbs (48kgs) and I’ve now kept it off for over three years! Yay me!

More than a body transformation

What people don’t talk about is the life changing impact losing weight can have. Not only on your physical appearance or your mental state, but your ability to believe you can achieve anything. I had achieved a physical transformation that was sure. But I began to look at my life from a very different perspective.

Not only was I no longer bound by the chains of being unhealthy, out of breath and obese. I suddenly felt like I did not need to be bound by my desk at work or my sofa at the weekends, I finally felt like I could achieve so much more with my life. My mind-set had done a complete 180, and I started to step outside of my comfort zone, and do things that excited me and brought back my passion for life!

I now love to go out and be active on weekends. Something that would have terrified me before! I have surfed, I have boxed, I have snowboarded, I’ve tried new fitness classes (Crossfit included!) and travelled to Asia on my own. It’s mad to think how just a few short years ago; I wouldn’t have tried any of these things. It goes to show how much of a ‘shadow’ of my true self I had become before I lost this weight that was holding me back physically and mentally.

Changing my career

I’d worked in the corporate world for the last 8 years; I had a very secure and well paid career ahead of me. I had money coming in each month, enough to save and go on holidays. I was very lucky. But, I wanted something more than sitting at an office desk all day looking at spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Over Christmas 2017, I was talking with my sister and sister-in-law about my future. I knew I wanted a role where I could be more active, really make a difference to people’s lives and put my stamp on the world! We talked about Personal Training, and it really gave me the kick I needed to go and apply for a course!

It was a big investment. It was scary. Fear of failure was upon me, but I took the leap and invested 4.7k in a premium Level 4 Personal Training Course that would ensure I would not only be qualified, but a specialist in my field. This course would enable me to prescribe exercise, discuss nutrition and work with doctors on referrals. Being qualified to talk about Nutrition in particular was very important to me as I truly believe people’s relationship with food to be one of the keys to successful and sustainable weight loss. 

In December 2018, I had my Level 3 diploma. 12 months of study, exams and practical assessments and I’d done it! I still had courses to complete, but as a qualified PT, I also got to work on building my business, whilst still studying at the specialist level, so I could continue to learn and develop my skills!

I started to train colleagues part time in the evenings after work. This gave me invaluable experience, working with clients on the floor, learning what works, what doesn’t and how I can successfully implement behaviour change and transform people’s bodies.

In August 2020, I left the corporate world behind me, in order to switch my self employed business over from part time side hustle to full time career. I’ve since helped hundreds of other women achieve their own life-changing transformation, and I now run a fully online-based business, where clients can work with me from any location and have all their training, nutrition and education covered via my 121 online coaching programmes

You Made New Nicki Georgiou Online Fitness Coaching The body Tranformation Planner
You Made New

Life changing formula

For me, I never followed a strict diet. I didn’t even invest in a personal trainer at the start! I used the knowledge I learned to implement a system that meant I could lose weight, without feeling restricted, which would result in me relapsing after just a few short weeks of following someone else’s rules. 

This formula was my ticket to freedom. The knowledge I’d gained as part of my weight loss journey, was only enhanced when it became backed up by science when I completed my Personal Training Certification.

I finally held the key to successful and sustainable weight loss, and felt confident in my knowledge and ability to share this with the world and felt empowered to help others to achieve the same life changing transformation! As you can see for me, losing the excess weight didn’t just mean a smaller waistline, it was truly the kick start I needed to break away from the 9-5 corporate lifestyle, being glued to my sofa at weekends and living an unfulfilled existence.

Moving forwards

I still work on myself (particularly my relationship with food) as this doesn’t go away overnight! But I definitely feel I’ve come on leaps and bounds and rarely feel the desire to ‘binge’! I’ve learnt about my bodies energy needs and now live comfortably without restriction or diets. From a training perspective, I’m in the best shape of my life, and enjoying pushing myself in the gym, increasing my strength and training my body for functionality and mobility.

If you’re interested in working with me on a 121 basis to achieve your goals, be sure to click here to learn more about my online coaching service or you can just go ahead and apply right now, and I’ll be in touch!

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