What is the story behind ‘you made new’?

Hey, I’m Nicki. The founder of You Made New Online Coaching

I deeply know how it is to feel crappy every time you look in the mirror, feel unfit and unfulfilled and to hide behind your weight.

At 22, I was a size 18, doing little to no exercise and taking comfort out of eating, only to feel guilt and regret after doing so.

I had been a sporty child but my transition into sedentary corporate life meant the weight quickly piled on. Life turned into a vicious cycle of driving to work, sitting all day, driving home and binging in front of the tv at night. 

I lost all my confidence and simple tasks started to become difficult.

In 2015, I looked in the mirror, feeling like a shadow of my former self, but something clicked and I realised what I had done to my body. I made a choice, right there and then. It was time to turn my life around. 

I wanted to free myself from the barriers (both mental and physical) of being overweight and start living the life I’d always dreamt of.

You Made New Online Coaching Nicki Georgiou

the small steps add up

Ever since that moment, I’ve worked to achieve the lifestyle that I want and can be proud of, but it didn’t happen overnight. I needed a workout routine and diet that I could stick to with a busy work schedule. 

I learnt about fitness and nutrition so that I could lose the weight without following a fad diet. I was consistent in the gym and put in the work and prepared healthy meals that helped me stay on track.

Of course, there were ups and downs, and my progress wasn’t linear, but surely enough, my body and my health was changing!

After two years (and working full-time), I had reached my goal weight. I was happier, more confident and had made a healthy lifestyle part of my regular routine. 

I had so many people asking me how I did it. I couldn’t stop at my own transformation, I was called to help other busy women do the same. So in 2018 I certified as a personal trainer, nutritionist and coach and now use my personal experience combined with my skills and knowledge to help free others from the cycle of yo-yo dieting and achieve lifelong change. I combine my year’s of experience coaching my clients, alongside my own experience and evidence based coaching methods to bring you a next level transformation.


learn our 4 pillars for motivation to thrive

Ever wonder why you put on more weight every time you finish (or fail) yet another diet?

Restriction and excessive exercise are NOT sustainable in the long term. Willpower is limited and life gets in the way.

The bigger the restriction the bigger the relapse

My signature habit-based methodology has been developed with proven goal-setting and habit-based research. Enjoyment + Consistency = Results. My 4-pillar approach is designed to keep you motivated and on track as we put enjoyment at the root of your journey.


Success drives the habit. You should feel confident & competent on your journey. So, we start with small achievable goals for maximum success along your journey.


Feel in control and learn how to make the best decisions that work best within your lifestyle. Programs are flexible and different for everyone based on your needs, wants & desires.


You’ll be held accountable and feel supported with a community of like-minded women. Your own personal cheer squad will be there for you every step of the way.


The key to long-term success is falling in love with the process. All programs are built with your enjoyment in mind. Continue eating your favourite foods, and find workouts that you actually like.

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My experiences and professional history have shaped my passion for helping women lose weight and feel confident and energised in a sustainable way while developing a truly healthy lifestyle. 

You can trust me with your journey:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Doctors Referral for Health Management
  • Level 3 Nutrition For Weight Management
  • Level 3 Nutrition for Sport & Exercise
  • Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Exercise
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Qualified Kettlebell & Circuits Instructor

* All qualifications are internationally recognised and awarded by VTCT.

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