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Customised Training

Completely customised around your lifestyle, needs, wants and desires with video demonstrations of exercises and unlimited form & technique feedback

Customised Nutrition

From full macro tracking to an intuitive eating/ food picture diary approach – your custom nutrition plan is built around your goals and your current relationship with food. Our aim is to educate you & simultaneously get you results


LIFETIME access to all masterclasses so you leave our coaching with a new found level of knowledge & a mindset that stays with you for life

Coach Support

Unlimited support & accountability to get you to your goal along with habit based lifestyle coaching and weekly mindset work to transform your relationship with food, exercise & the scales. Your check-ins mean you continue to show up!


It's time to level up your life

Being unhealthy affects more than just your health. It becomes your life.

This was me once too!

You desperately want to feel your most confident. You want to lead a healthier balanced lifestyle but don’t know where to start.

You want to get off the rollercoaster of fads and finally lead a life that you can be proud of. You want to level up and live life to the fullest!

You’ve tried so many products and programs but can never stay motivated and want to step into the growth mindset you know you are capable of.

Diet culture does not work. Diets work on restriction, so you will lose weight… at first. But then, the diet ends.

The bigger the restriction the bigger the relapse. 

And, it’s not your fault.

Long-term results come from creating sustainable changes, building healthy habits and falling in love with the process.


I lost 100lbs – but what I gained was so much more

Hi, I’m Nicki. In 2015, I was overweight, miserable, insecure and unfulfilled. Between my sedentary office job, the daily commute and turning to food for comfort, the weight quickly piled on.

At UK size 18-20, something clicked. I remember the exact moment when I knew something needed to change. I looked in the mirror and realised what I had done to my body. I said enough was enough. No one had the power to change my situation but me. 

I made a choice to turn my life around. Two years later I had reached my goal without following a set diet, fell in love with weight training and stopped turning to food for comfort. 

But what surprised me most was the internal transformation. I was confident, proud, productive and energised.

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Over 100 women have taken back control of their lives. You can too!

It’s a way of life that even I can sustain

I have lost fat and never felt restricted. I have lost so many cm’s from my body and this is only the start…I’ve never stuck at something so long, because this is not a diet. I repeat, not a diet! It’s a way of life that even I can sustain

– Lucy

I have lost a stone and learnt how to keep it off

“I gained back the confidence I’d lost for so many years. I enjoyed it so much I started working with Nicki one on one where she gave me my own online workout plan which was awesome really pushed me to achieve the results I wanted.”


I have lost fat and it has transformed my mindset

“My mindset is is such a good place and I love seeing how week on week my body is changing. My body confidence is soo good i no longer hide in baggy clothes. I 1000% recommend this lovely lady.”

– Katy

Live your life with Deep Unwavering Confidence

Resources For Long-Term Success

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It IS possible to change your life. My signature 4-pillar approach has been designed for long-term results 

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